Enzyme Activity
  Enzyme Purification


Enzyme Kinetics


Analyzing metabolism


In a living organism only a few chemical reactions proceed without catalysis of enzymes. Enzymes do not only increase the rate of reactions but also enable control of the complex metabolic pathways in organisms. Metaphysiol propose three practical approaches to analyze and characterize metabolism in animal or plant tissues:


  • Quantification of enzyme activities in tissue extracts or body fluid. The maximum activity of an enzyme is usually correlated with the amount of enzyme present and therefore represents a direct measure of gene expression. The activity ratio of selected enzymes from different metabolic pathways provides information on metabolic fluxes in healthiness, disease or after pharmacological intervention. The quantitative analysis of enzyme activity in food or feed samples provides important information for food processing and in quality control.
  • Purification of enzyme proteins. For characterization and enzyme-based assays enzyme purification is often required. MetaPhysiol is specializing in the purification of native enzymes, ensuring most physiological properties. Enzymes can be purified from plant and animal tissue and from cultures of human cells.
  • Kinetic analysis of enzyme activities. Kinetic Analysis of enzyme activities include the effects of temperature and pH, substrates and products, activators and inhibitors, covalent modification and finally the effects of protein-protein interactions. MetaPhysiol has a more than 20 years experience in analysis of enzyme kinetics. We offer detailed analysis of a substance on the activity of pharmacologically attractive enzymes.