Enzymology: enzyme purification


Purification of enzyme proteins


Enzyme purification is a prerequisite for many physiological or pharmacological studies. Enzymes may be expressed in bacterial, fungal or animal purificationcells, but recombinant proteins are often truncated or lack appropriate posttranslational modifications (e.g. glycolsylation). This may affect the properties of many enzymes, resulting in reduced activity and altered enzyme kinetics.


MetaPhysiol offers classical purification of native enzymes from cell cultures or animal and plant tissue. The facilities of the laboratory include classical purification by precipitation techniques and a broad spectrum of liquid chromatography (classical LC, FPLC, and HPLC).


We have over 15 years experience in enzyme purification with all common separation techniques such as gel filtration, ion exchange-, dye-ligand- and affinity chromatography. For identification and analysis of purity we use gel electrophoresis and western-blot techniques.


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