Digital image processing and analysis


Analyzing microscopic images


Scientific digital images provide information which is often described in qualitative terms or is quantified through manual counting of structures under a microscope. When image analysis is realized with support of imaging software, a more objective and deeper quantification is possible. Furthermore, an automatic quantification allows a higher sample throughput.


fluorescent images

MetaPhysiol offers sophisticated image quantification and statistical analysis. We are specializing in analysis of digital images from scientific fluorescence microscopy but are open for other applications in the life sciences. The sites linked under applications represent some examples for analysis of digital fluorescent images using ImageJ. The list is not complete and will be continued.













Digital images of customers are processed and analyzed upon consultation. The analysis of images vary considerably according to the application. Therefore, we don't have a precast standard procedure but we offer a solution tailored to your specific needs.

There are four steps:


  • Describe the task. You submit at least two sample images via email, including a description of the analysis parameters and the special analysis features you want.
  • Evaluating the task. The task will be evaluated free of charge and we propose a solution for the analysis, if applicable. We submit you a detailed quote, including a schedule for analysis of a complete series of images.
  • Order the task. After receipt of an order we develop a tailored solution and realize the analysis on all images received in compliance with the special arrangement.
  • Receive the results. The results will be delivered on account via email according to the schedule, including the protocol. You are entitled to require modifications for a period of 10 days after delivery of the results.


For further details, please contact MetaPhysiol